Poroyal Pipette Tips Filters


It is the basic operation in the Novel Coronavirus testing process

Reagent preparation, nucleic acid extraction, PCR pretreatment

All processes are dependent on pipetting

In the process of pipetting

Disturbance of a liquid, including flow and splashing

Hanging wall, blowing out residual liquid and other actions

Are prone to causing aerosols.

“What are aerosols?”

“The so-called aerosol is a colloidal dispersion system formed by the dispersion and suspension of solid or liquid particles in the gaseous medium.”

Aerosols will enter the pipette with channels formed by negative pressure, and finally diffuse in two ways:

The first kind of aid: When you learn the next sample, you enter the next sample. This is commonly called sample cross contamination.

Second: Diffusion into air, which adversely affects the operator when the sample is hazardous.

How to Cope

Use appropriate pipetting tools

Can counter the adverse effects of aerosols

Poroyal Suction filter element

It can effectively block aerosol diffusion during operation

Prevent cross-contamination of novel coronaviru

Four advantages of  Pipette Tips filters

One, effective barrier aerosol

Pure ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) is used as raw material, which is made by a unique process and has hydrophobicity. A solid barrier is formed between aerosol and liquid to eliminate potential cross contamination of sample and pipette that could affect the results.

Two, RNase /DNase free

High temperature processing, each process to ensure no RNase, DNase pollution. Can be used for PCR, radioactive, biological toxic, corrosive, volatile sample adding operations.

Three, to meet the strict appearance requirements

Blend blend biological filter element production experience for many years, precision mold processing, no burr/burr; Moderate elasticity ensures a perfect fit with the inner diameter of the suction head and uncompromising appearance accuracy even in the smallest diameter.

Four, a variety of specifications for choice

Adapt to the market common various brands of suction head, to meet the needs of differentiated product design customers. At present, our specifications are still constantly updated, please pay attention to…

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Post time: May-12-2022
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